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Its easy and there is no cost –its free! Just fill in the form found on Our Contact information page with your name, age, email address and phone number(s) and upload a recent photograph. That’s all you have to do and we do the rest.

For a limited time only, the charge for basic membership is $300.00 plus the applicable HST of 13% which includes a personal interview and the creation of your very own profile plus one introduction.
Once registered our experienced matchmakers will go through our database searching for someone we feel could be “the right one”. We will only match you with serious individuals.
Once a prospective match has been found, both parties will be contacted and if interested, an introduction will be arranged. After the initial meeting, a follow up will also be made to obtain feedback which is crucial to your success in finding a suitable partner.

Is also available for the discerning individual who is seeking a partner based on specific criteria and can include such personalized services as searching existing database, advertisements/announcements in selected media venues, background checks, handwriting analysis or travelling to other cities in search of a specific individual that fulfils these requirements.